Unlocking the Potential of Natural Gas to Transform Tanzania’s Energy Landscape

In response to the growing demand for natural gas in Dar es Salaam, the Tanzanian government, through the Deputy Minister for Energy, Ms Judith Kapiga, has outlined plans to expand the usage of natural gas to benefit households and industries. The government aims to leverage natural gas resources to stimulate economic growth, improve access to cooking energy, and promote environmental sustainability.

  1. Infrastructure Development:

    The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) is collaborating with TAQA Dalbit company to conduct research on natural gas demand and identify suitable pipeline routes to supply gas to households in Dar es Salaam. The government’s goal is to connect more houses to natural gas, enhance cooking energy availability, and promote economic development.

  2. Rural Access and Affordability:

    Special Seat MP Esther Matiko raised concerns about the affordability of gas for rural communities. While there are calls for subsidies, Deputy Minister Kapinga assured that the government has strategies to make gas accessible to rural areas as a clean and sustainable cooking energy source, aligning with environmental conservation efforts.

  3. Environmental Impact and Climate Change Mitigation:

    President Samia highlighted the importance of clean cooking energy in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development. The Africa Women Clean Cooking Support Programme launched at COP 28 aims to reduce deforestation caused by traditional biomass energy usage, thereby mitigating carbon emissions and improving health outcomes, especially for women and girls.


The initiatives to expand natural gas usage in Tanzania demonstrate a strategic approach to boost the economy, enhance energy access, and mitigate environmental degradation. By prioritizing infrastructure development, rural affordability, and environmental sustainability, the government is poised to create a more inclusive and environmentally conscious energy sector, aligning with global efforts towards sustainable development and climate change mitigation.

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